ReSqueeze Reusable Food Pouch Frequently Asked Questions


What is ReSqueeze made of?

ReSqueeze is made of 2 layers of durable nylon and a food grade plastic (BPA-, Pthalate-free). The only reusable pouch with a true double-dual zip seal to prevent leaks.

What are the best foods to put in ReSqueeze?

ReSqueeze is great for homemade baby food purées, smoothies, applesauce, and yogurt. 

What is the best way to fill ReSqueeze?

With the cap in place, hold open the base of ReSqueeze in your non-dominant hand. Using your dominant hand, pour in the content. To prevent food from coming out when sealing, only fill 3/4 full and gently squeeze the sides of the pouch towards the center (making the pouch more round) while sealing. 

What is the best way to clean ReSqueeze?

The wide base of makes ReSqueeze easy to clean, just open and rinse. We recommend only hand washing. For any remaining food particles, bottle brushes or skinny pipe cleaners will help or getting a little water inside the pouches and shaking it vigorously around. For seal longevity, hold the inside of seal with thumbs when gently opening the pouch. Prop open to dry. Failure to dry completely prior to storage can result in mold grow inside the pouch, please discard pouch immediately if this happens - ReSqueeze LLC is not liable for how pouches are maintained after purchase.  

Can I put ReSqueeze in the microwave?

No. ReSqueeze should not be microwaved. Also avoid putting hot liquids in ReSqueeze to prevent burns or damage to the child and/or pouch. 

How does freezing the contents help?

ReSqueeze is an ideal on-the-go snack. When making baby food or smoothies, parents will most likely have enough to fill more than one pouch, so fill multiple and freeze! Thaw in warm water for quick use. Or when running out the door, grab the frozen ReSqueeze and it will be ready to eat in no time. Frozen pouches make great ice packs for lunch boxes.

What is the best way to label ReSqueeze?

We recommend using a black grease pencil, also called a china marker. Or masking tape can be written on and used as a removable label.  

What should we do if we loose the cap?

If your cap is lost or misplaced, any one-time-use pouch cap can be used with ReSqueeze.

How long do they last?

Each pouch is generally good for many uses - when they start looking yucky or seal weakens, discard and grab another!

What is the best age to start using ReSqueeze?

Per the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization, complementary foods should not be introduced to infants before 6 months of age, and only in addition to continued breastfeeding until at least 12 months of age. The best time to start solid foods depends not only on your child's age, but also on your child's ability to sit up, support the head, and meet other developmental milestones. Parents should consult their pediatrician before starting complementary foods that would be placed in ReSqueeze.

Does the ReSqueeze spout fit pouch spoons, straws, silicone toppers, and fill-stations?

Yes. Our spout is a standard pouch size. If it fits on a one-time-use pouch, it fits on ReSqueeze.

What are the characters on your pouch?

Our fabulous artist calls them "Squeezums". Find more from Lindsay Heinzen here.

Why does my international tracking stop?

Unless you purchase priority international shipping through our shop, your tracking will stop once it leaves the US and we will have no way to track your package. We take no responsibility for lost or misplaced International orders. By default and unless you’ve purchased priority international, we ship all International order USPS First Class and you should expect your package in about 3 weeks from the time it is shipped. International orders are subject to customs fees and ReSqueeze LLC is not responsible for these additional costs.