Super Savin' Momma ReSqueeze Review and Giveaway {Ends 11/4/13}

Make sure to read another wonderful review by Cathy from Super Savin' Momma and enter the giveaway!
One winner can receive a 4-pack of ReSqueeze pouches!   
"Overall, I absolutely love the ReSqueeze Reusable Squeeze Pouches and can’t wait to try more recipes to put in them! They are very convenient, cost-effective and the kiddos think they are awesome!"
And be sure to check out the yummy recipe Cathy and her cute daughter made.
"We froze the other 3/4 [with our smoothie] pouches for later use and it came in handy when we were on the road and I was able to just toss it in our bag and by the time she was ready for it, it was defrosted! They also wash up very easily and it saves you money in the end by being able to reuse them!"
Enter the giveaway until 11/4!