Gluesticks Blog ReSqueeze Review and Giveaway! {Ends 10/14/13}

We are thrilled about our first review and blog giveaway by Brandy at
Two winners can receive a 4-pack of ReSqueeze pouches!   
It has been wonderful to team up with Brandy and we are so excited that she and her little Ruby love ReSqueeze. 
"When I heard about the company, Resqueeze, and their reusable pouches I said to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Resqueeze is a brand new company that just hit the market and the word is quickly getting out! It is such an obvious solution to be able to fill the pouches with what we want and then be able to reuse them again. Saving money and resources. I was so impressed with the concept and quality of these pouches..." 
Enter the Gluesticks giveaway until 10/14!
Congratulations to our winners: Jillian and Melissa!
We were so happy to hear back from Jillian who said, "I am over the moon excited to have won!! I originally entered as a way to support my dear friend and author of Gluesticks. When I saw I won, I was extremely grateful!!! I have a child with severe eating issues. So much so that she has a feeding tube. The only foods she oral ingests are purees. These ReSqueezes will be used daily here in our home!" other comment has made this nurse's heart happier. We hope you and your daughter LOVE them.