A Ruffled Heart ReSqueeze Review, Giveaway, and Video! {Ends 6/2/2014}

Lauren from blog, A Ruffled Heart, takes on Food pouches: The good, The bad, The mom win. She loves ReSqueeze! "I’m exited enough about these suckers to blog about it to moms from my own heartfelt experience (ie no kickback here, although ReSqueeze, I wouldn’t mind so more pouches over here for the babe, and maybe some giveaways-hint hint)" ... Which we were more than happy to oblige, enter to win an 8-pack by 6/2/2014. Make sure to also watch her video and recipe idea here!
Lauren even went above and beyond and showed us has to make a great spinach and applesauce pouch recipe (so simple!), and ReSqueeze How To Video. Enjoy!