Frugal-Shopping ReSqueeze Review & Giveaway {Ends 4/30/14}

ReSqueeze pouches really are a great way for the frugal family to save money. Buy bulk applesauce or large containers of yogurt, getting more for less, and fill and refill your ReSqueeze pouches. Not to mention how much money is saved not needing to purchase one-time use pouches. Margaret, THE frugal-shopping mom, added ReSqueeze to her list...and it's even better that her 9-year old son is requesting them for his school lunches! Read her review and enter the giveaway until 4/30/14 here.

"As a special treat I will put applesauce or yogurt in the bag and freeze it overnight, then send it for my nine year old's school for snack or lunch time. At first I thought he might think that they were more appropriate for younger kids but he is the one telling me not to forget to get them ready for him to take. I love the money I am saving by not purchasing the kid's yogurt packages that I used to buy and freeze before we received the ReSqueeze."