Parenting Chaos ReSqueeze Pouch Review

Check out another nice ReSqueeze pouch review by Stephanie at Parenting Chaos. She also has a age food chart for introducing solids.
"When it comes to the design of the ReSqueeze, the makers really knew what they were doing! Having the spout on the top was super easy for my little guy to use and the size of the cap was perfect for balancing the ReSqueeze upside down while filling. The bottom has a dual zip closure that impressed me. When I first saw it, I will admit my reaction was meh…but then my son attempted to use his ReSqueeze as a trampoline and the zip-seal did not pop. What else can I say? That’s impressive! …that being said I wouldn’t recommend jumping on your ReSqueeze…"
Be sure to check out her ReSqueeze recipe here!