Dandy Review and ReSqueeze Giveaway {Ends 1/3/14}

Tired of holiday spending? Camille at Dandygiveaway.com has some pouches to giveaway and does a review (that even compares us to one of our competitors!) which starts today!
"We’ve had the opportunity to review a similar kind of reusable pouch, but after trying out these ReSqueezes, the differences are very evident.  These pouches are made of a thinner pouch material, which is several layers of food grade plastic and high quality nylon, and I actually like that so much more.  The tough, thicker material of other pouches made it difficult for the kids to squeeze all the goodness up.  Secondly, I like this design much more.  Other pouches we’ve used (see below) have the spout on the side, which was kind of awkward for the kids to hold, and squeezing food up and over was super tricky."
Giveaway ends 1/3/2014!