Natural Mom ReSqueeze Review and Giveaway {Ends 12/18/13}

Natural Mom ReviewsJackie Newbern, review and giveaway of ReSqueeze. 
"Our son is primarily breastfed, so we filled it with 3 ounces of food to start. The pouches froze well and we had no expansion issues. To defrost, we simply put the pouch in the fridge overnight.The Sweet Potatoes held their gorgeous color and they still tasted wonderful. Vance enjoyed them as well.We also tried the ice cube method of freezing. Once ice cube is one ounce, I could easily fit 3 ounces of the ice cubed Sweet Potatoes in the pouch and defrosted them overnight in the fridge as well. There were no leaks and no eruptions! Of course, Vance was not squeezing the pouch with all of his might, but one can assume that thicker foods would not become a volcano.  My husband got in on the action and appreciated that the pouches were stable and not flimsy. They are made of a thicker plastic than most ready made pouches, making them long lasting and easy to wash and store." 
Giveaway ends 12/18!